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Gum disease can significantly increase the risk of breast cancer

GCR is an international, independent, industry-standard benchmark for healthcare clinic standards and patient satisfaction. The GCR has been developed to help patients evaluate and find the right clinic for their needs anywhere in the world.

GCR measures clinics across 4 pillars of Expertise, Facilities, Services & Patient feedback and transforms this complexity into single GCR score.

And thank to the non-stop efforts of all the employess, Starlight proudly annouce that we has achieved the “International Accredited Clinic” standard from GCR.

“GCR accreditation means that your clinic has been officially proven to be above international standards. It shows that your clinic has been officially monitored, independently checked on quality, and is using the data collected by the GCR to help them improve the level of expertise, facilities, services and patient care” said GCR.

GCR awards clinics with state-of-art medicine with GCR Accreditation so you can feel confident about your choice of premium clinic.

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