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Dedicate Surgery Room

Improve the prognosis of your surgeries

At Starlight Dental Clinic, we have a dedicated surgery room for patients with any invasive surgical procedure ( Implant, Bone Graft…). Unlike a traditional dental practice, where each room is used for all procedures, our clinic combines dedicated surgical which help optimize the patient experience.

Having a dedicated operatory for surgeries increases safety for the patients by keeping the environment sterile. Although each operatory is sterilized after every patient visit, a separate room is known to improve the prognosis of surgeries. A dedicated surgical suite is turning an ideal medical environment into a reality.

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Professional Ceiling Light

Mandatory for High Quality Dental Care – Origin: France


Digital Intra Oral X-Ray

Patients Experience 90% Less Radiation – Origin: USA


Dental Implants

The modern solution for patients with missing teeth


Dental Magnification Glasses

Accurate and Precise Dental Work – Origin: USA


Digital 3D Orthodontic Clear Aligner

Invisible and comfortable Orthodontic Treatment


Soft Tissus Laser

Faster healing after your gum treatment Origin: USA