In House Laboratory

Creating natural Smile

In House Laboratory

In order to provide our patients with the highest level of accuracy, aesthetics and longevity for all prosthetic work, we set up our own laboratory. Lotus Dental Laboratory was founded 12 years ago under the management of a French dental technician.

We utilize the latest technology available in order to produce the highest quality products that provide the best fit and function. To us, it’s not just teeth – we’re restoring smiles! That’s why all our restoration work is done 100% in-house by our expert technicians. Our technicians can work closely with our dentists and our patients to ensure that each restoration is a natural smile.

Besides providing high quality dental prosthetic for our clinic, our laboratory is recognized internationally and we export high quality prosthetics mainly in the USA and Europe.

FDA certified and CE approved

Beside using materials approved by the FDA and CE marked for Europe or ADA (American Dental Association) our dental laboratory himself after audit received certification from FDA.

It gives you the warranty that we are using only the best certified products to produce your dental work. This is an important issue as many laboratories in Asia use cheap material coming from China or others that can have higher breakage/ failure rates and in some cases produce more toxicity… and it can be difficult for dentists to control the origin of the material used by a third party laboratory.

Quality and time:

Thanks to our in-house laboratory, we can have your case completed much faster than most clinics. Usually, in Europe or USA, it would take from one to two weeks and multiple fittings/visits between each appointment. We usually perform our lab work in 48 hours and for some of our patients coming from overseas with limited availability we can perform work in one day.


Lotus Dental laboratory utilizes the latest in CAD/CAM dental milling technology to deliver our patients with the best quality product. We are continually investing in our dental lab equipment to produce your dental restoration with the up-to-date technology. We are now one of the first Vietnamese laboratory to be certified Trios Ready and Trios Ready Orthodontics.

Our dental laboratory can now perform full digital flow for
the production of your dental work:

Mr Thang, French dental technician.
Mr Thang grew up in France where he completed his full training as dental technician.

Our team of dental technicians and ceramists work under the management of French experts, so that we are able to create high quality prosthetic work similar to natural teeth.

Thanks to our in-house Laboratory, we can control the entire process of making high quality products to save time for our patients, even with some urgent cases.

Furthermore, the development of computer and technology helps our dentists and dental ceramists to work more efficiently and to produce more accurate and aesthetic products.

We can now produce full digital solution including digital design, 3D printing and CAD/CAM milling in order to realise your dental restoration with the highest level of accuracy, aesthetic and longevity.