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Implant Benefits

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Dental implants are the treatment of choice for the replacement of missing teeth. They look and function like natural teeth and are acknowledged to be a much better alternative to traditional dentures. Our provide Implant service at Starlight for more than 15 years,  and with dedicate surgery room for optimal operative conditions.


Did you know that there is a recent study from Germany that shows 97% of those who have received dental implants confirmed that they feel happy with their newly regained quality of life, improving their confidence and getting to go back with the natural feel of having real teeth and a great smile? Remember that teeth play an important role with the quality of your life. Improving and simply wanting to have healthy and beautiful teeth will enable everyone to enjoy how they eat, laugh out freely, speak clearly and correctly

Sometimes you cannot really avoid having early tooth loss due to having decay from when you were younger right? You had a sweet tooth, ate chocolates and sweets to your heart’s delight, and sometimes you forget to pay a visit to your dentist. Then, as you grow older you begin to realize that you should have paid much more attention to your teeth when everything was still okay that time. Then there goes the dilemma of having it extracted at a younger age sometimes giving you low self esteem and loss of confidence. This is where dental implants come in.

Patients may only have superficial knowledge and information about dental implants. Sometimes they would simply think of the fear, pain and cost of this type of surgical procedure and will just give it a pass.

Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants so that you would be able to make a wise choice as to which dental treatment you would like to have. So if there are any questions you would like to be answered, please ask us at  any time. We always look forward to providing you with answers.