Providing innovative and technologically advanced dental care

Intra Oral Scanner

Taking digital impressions is more comfortable and more precise for patients Origin: Denmark

The 3Shape TRIOS creates next-generation digital impressions by capturing hundreds of 3D photos and combining them into a virtual model on a computer. No need anymore traditional impressions (i.e. gagging on goopy trays that have to stay in the mouth for up to 5 minutes to set). The 3Shape Trios allow us also to measure exactly your teeth shade.

Thanks also to the improvement of accuracy, the restorations tend to fit better, and on average, require fewer adjustments. Our patients love the TRIOS because it’s quick, easy and comfortable, and they never have to gag again!

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Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler

No Pain Scalling Origin: Switzerland


Air Flow Technology

New process for your regular cleaning Origin: Switzerland


Professional Ceiling Light

Mandatory for High Quality Dental Care – Origin: France


Soft Tissus Laser

Faster healing after your gum treatment Origin: USA


Hard & Soft Tissus Laser

Virtually Painless, More Natural Dentistry Origin: USA


Dental Magnification Glasses

Accurate and Precise Dental Work – Origin: USA