5 Dental Symptoms that you should not ignore

If you’re experiencing any of the 5 dental symptoms listed below, you should pay your dentist a visit. 1. A Sore …

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Kid’s Oral Health from the very beginning

Did you know that to do orthodontic for children is easier & effective than when they are growing up? For …

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The Benefits of Dental Health Check Ups

The fact that the majority of patients don’t visit the dentist on a regular basis. And this is the main …

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Getting used to a better Oral Hygiene Routine

So you’re once again staring at your bathroom mirror, half-asleep, getting ready to brush your teeth. You’re trying to remember …

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7 Tips to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the teeth that emerge in the very back of the mouth. They usually appear between the ages …

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Taking Care of Your Teeth with Sugar Free Gum

Looking after our oral health on the go can sometimes be difficult. Enjoying in that caramel latte on the way …

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World Oral Health Day and How Smiling Can Change Your Life

To mark World Oral Health Day 2016 on Sunday 20 March, Starlight Dental Clinic wants to make sure everybody understands …

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