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How Long After Wisdom Teeth Removal Can You Get Braces

Wisdom teeth removal and braces are two common procedures in dentistry, but scheduling braces after wisdom teeth extraction needs careful consideration. Let’s explore in detail with Starlight Dental Clinic about the time required after “how long after wisdom teeth removal can you get braces” to be well-prepared for this.

Time Required After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Why is recovery time needed?

After wisdom teeth removal, the surrounding gum tissue and bone need time to heal. This helps avoid complications and ensures that the braces process goes smoothly. When wisdom teeth are extracted, the surrounding tissue is damaged and can cause swelling and pain. Rushing to get braces before this area has fully healed can lead to infections and prolong the healing time. A healthy and stable oral environment is crucial for the effectiveness of the braces process.

Minimum time recommended by dental experts

Typically, experts recommend waiting at least 2 to 3 weeks before starting braces. However, this time can extend to 6 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the wisdom teeth removal and the individual’s recovery speed. Factors such as the method of extraction (simple or surgical), the patient’s overall health, and adherence to post-surgery care instructions all influence the necessary recovery time.

Nhổ Răng Khôn Bao Lâu Thì Niềng Răng Được?

Factors affecting recovery time

  • Age: Younger individuals generally recover faster than older ones due to better tissue regeneration and immune response.
  • Overall health: Those in good health will have a quicker recovery process. Individuals with chronic diseases or weakened immune systems may require more time to heal.
  • Post-surgery care: Following the dentist’s instructions will help speed up recovery. This includes taking prescribed medication, maintaining oral hygiene, and avoiding activities that could further injure the extraction site.

Oral Care After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Caring for teeth in the first days after extraction

  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling. Apply ice to the outside cheek area near the extraction site for 15-20 minutes at a time, then take a 20-minute break before repeating.
  • Take pain relievers as directed by your doctor. This helps reduce pain and inflammation, making you feel more comfortable.
  • Avoid strenuous activity and get plenty of rest. Try to rest adequately and avoid heavy physical activities to give your body the best conditions for recovery.

How to reduce pain and swelling after wisdom teeth removal

  • Use over-the-counter pain relievers or those prescribed by your doctor. Ibuprofen or paracetamol is commonly recommended to alleviate pain and swelling.
  • Apply ice packs to the outside cheek area near the extraction site for 15-20 minutes at a time. This should be done within the first 48 hours to reduce swelling and bruising.

Cách giảm đau và sưng tấy sau khi nhổ răng khôn

Foods to eat and avoid after wisdom teeth removal

  • Eat: Soft, liquid foods like soups, porridge, and smoothies. These types of foods are easy to swallow and do not put pressure on the extraction site, helping to avoid further injury.
  • Avoid: Hard, hot, or spicy foods, as they can irritate the wound. Avoid foods that can get stuck in the socket or require a lot of chewing.

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Potential Risks of Getting Braces Right After Wisdom Teeth Removal

  1. Infections and Inflammation

Getting braces immediately after wisdom teeth removal can increase the risk of infections and inflammation. The tissue in the extraction area is not fully healed and can be easily invaded by bacteria, leading to complications such as abscesses or osteomyelitis.

  1. Prolonged Pain

The pressure from braces and wires can increase pain in the extraction area, extending discomfort.

  1. Slowing Down the Healing Process

Starting braces too soon can slow down the healing of the tissue and bone around the extraction area, prolonging the healing time and making care difficult.

  1. Complications During the Braces Process

The force from the wires and brackets can irritate or further injure the extraction area, leading to issues such as misaligned teeth and broken brackets.

Thời Gian Cần Thiết Sau Khi Nhổ Răng Khôn

  1. Increased Risk of Repeat Extraction

The pressure from the braces may necessitate repeat surgery if the wisdom teeth were not fully removed, increasing the risk of infection and extending treatment time.

  1. Reduced Effectiveness of the Braces Process

If the extraction area is not fully healed, the adjustment of the teeth may not achieve the desired results, prolonging the braces process and failing to achieve optimal results.


Removing wisdom teeth and getting braces is a process that requires careful preparation and following the dentist’s instructions. Good care and choosing the right timing will help you achieve the desired results from your braces. Always consult with dental experts to ensure your oral health.


If you need further consultation on the wisdom teeth removal and braces process, contact Starlight Dental Clinic immediately. Our team of experienced specialists is ready to support you at every step of your journey to a radiant smile. Schedule an appointment today to receive the best advice and care!

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