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Orthodontic Retainer Services

To make sure your child’s teeth stay as straight as the day that the braces were removed, we will carefully monitor progress in the months that follow. Retainers are designed to help with this. We can offer you a choice of options for your child:

There are two main types of retainer – fixed/bonded, and removable

REMOVABLE retainers  

Simple clip-in transparent plates, usually worn overnight. We normally advise growing children to wear their retainers until they are at least 18, keeping them afterward so that they can occasionally check they still fit.

FIXED retainers 

These retainers feature thin customized wires which fit closely on the inside surface of the front teeth, so they are entirely unobtrusive. Fixed retainers are worn in conjunction with a removable retainer.

How long will I have to wear the retainers? 

Normal age changes occur in the human body; in the mouth, these age changes show up as gum recession, increased lower front teeth crowding, and increased turning of twisted or rotated teeth. Having orthodontic treatment does not grant immunity to these normal changes. These age changes vary in severity. Therefore we recommend that you wear your retainers for an indefinite period of time – wear them as long as you want to keep your teeth straight. It’s now your responsibility.

Your removable retainer 

Depending on each case we will recommend to you your retainer regime. Please follow this carefully to ensure you do not get any relapse.

Do not eat or drink with your retainer in place. You will need to clean them regularly using: a toothbrush with soap and lukewarm water (not hot). Avoid using toothpaste or bleach as this will scratch and discolor the retainers.

Your fixed retainer 

You may be fitted with a wire to the back of your bottom/top teeth. This is called a bonded retainer. You will need to keep this extra clean. Please avoid any hard, sticky and crunchy foods if you have been fitted with one. If this breaks please wear your removable retainer full time and contact the practice immediately.

You will not need to be seen often now the retainers are in place. You will be advised about your future appointments.
Please take great care of your retainer. Please keep them in a box when they are not being worn. Also, bring them to all future appointments.

Daily Maintenance For your Retainer 

If you have a retainer, it should be brushed daily, the same way you brush your teeth. We may also recommend using a cleaning solution — but never put hot water on your retainer, because it can distort the soft plastic and make it unusable! And always keep it in case when it’s not in your mouth.