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Brace Treatment

Your Braces 

For children as well as adults, traditional fixed braces are still the type of appliance most commonly used by orthodontists worldwide. They reliably deliver a high degree of control over the final positioning of the teeth.

The treatment begins with careful analyse of your case ( Panoramique and Cephalometric X-Ray, Photography and Intra Oral digital impression).  The most important part of an Orthodontic Treatment is not the kind of braces we will use but the quality of the diagnosis and treatment plan.  Braces will be the way for us to reach the goal of our treatment plan. and it is why we are using the best quality braces.

Your child’s braces will be bonded to the surface of their teeth. The braces remain comfortably in place throughout the treatment. They will guide the movement of the teeth, gently but firmly, into their optimal position.

We are using only the best quality braces from USA and Japan. The GAC In-Ovation R is a revolutionary new system of braces that is not only faster for your orthodontist to use, it also can significantly shorten treatment time. It’s great looking and smaller for greater comfort. Plus, it offers better hygiene than conventional braces.

Personalize your braces 

Metal braces are smaller than ever before and you can express your individuality. Part of the fun of having braces is choosing different-colored elastics at each appointment.  Many teenagers and pre-teens find that a visit to the orthodontist is greatly enhanced by choosing the colour of the elastics attached to their braces. Children and teenagers often try out a variety of patterns and combinations of colours. They may want to pick colours based on anything from new clothes they’ve bought to their favourite football team. As the coloured bands are typically replaced during each follow-up visit, frequent changes can be made to the colour selection.

There are two main types of coloured orthodontic elastics: ligatures and inter-arch elastics (rubber bands):
Ligatures are small elastics that are placed around each bracket and used to hold the archwire in the slot on the bracket. They typically come in many different colors and are used to push or pull teeth in a particular direction.

Rubber bands are somewhat larger, they also come in a wide variety of colours and are used to apply pressure to the jaw to correct the alignment of the bite and reduce overbite and/or underbite. Coloured rubber bands can be applied in number of configurations, but the most common is inter-arch (from the top to the bottom).

Before to leave our office during your brace treatment: 

During your brace treatment, before leaving the office after each appointment, there are routine steps which we ask you complete prior to leaving. These steps will minimize discomfort related to irritation from the braces and ensure an optimal response to treatment. Please make these steps a part of each office visit:

  • Using your finger and tongue, check to see that the wire ends do not extend into areas which might poke or abrade the cheek or tongue.
  • Make sure you understand what you are to do until your next appointment. This could include wearing headgear or elastics as instructed, adjusting an expander or following specific hygiene and diet instructions.
  • Make sure you have an adequate supply of dental wax, special cleaning aids, elastic bands, or other related materials you may need between appointments.
  • Schedule your next appointment before leaving the office.