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Peace in mind dentistry Origin: Europe, USA...

Consumable products used by dental clinics in Asia are coming from Europe, USA, Japan but also from many Asian countries ( China, Pakistan, India, Korea, Taiwan etc…). Not all products have the same quality and benefits for the patients.

In Starlight we care a lot for the quality of the products we are using for our patients. Many of the products used by dentists will stay in your body for your full life. We are using exclusively products from best well-known and respected manufacturers from USA and Europe.

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Air Flow Technology

New process for your regular cleaning Origin: Switzerland

Soft Tissus Laser

Faster healing after your gum treatment Origin: USA

Professional Ceilinh Light

Mandatory for High Quality Dental Care – Origin: France

Dental Magnification Glasses

Accurate and Precise Dental Work – Origin: USA

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler

No Pain Scalling Origin: Switzerland

Digital 3D Orthodontic Clear Aligner

Invisible and comfortable Orthodontic Treatment