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Premium Ceramic Crowns and Onlays


Why have CAD/CAM Full Porcelain Crowns?

A full porcelain crown or metal-free crown seems to be the most modern fixed dental restoration work in aesthetic dentistry.


With all-porcelain crowns, light travels through them just like a tooth. This gives them a very natural appearance as opposed to the traditional Porcelain crown fuse to a metal frame that has a metal substructure that blocks light and creates a dark band of the tooth below. All-porcelain crowns will never change color, offering a lifelike appearance for decades to come.

Better fit

Thanks to the digital process with direct scanning of your tooth, design of your crown with software, and production with CAD/CAM machine the fit of your All Porcelain crown will be much more precise than the previous Porcelain crown with Metal Frame.  No need anymore to produce wax, metal casting and all process that was causing dimensional variation and not precise fit of the crown.
A better fit of your all-porcelain crown will give you:

  • Less risk of leakage and new cavity starting under the crown
  • Less risk of gum recession

Functional Benefits

With all Porcelain crowns, we do a crown preparation that generally conserves 20 to 25 percent of the tooth over a traditional crown prep. This is especially important on premolar teeth and teeth that have had root canals. All-porcelain crowns produce with CAD/CAM machines can be thinner than Porcelain crowns with metal frames.
Preservation of tooth structure is the name of the game in dentistry today. We know that most of our patients are routinely living into their 80s/90s and later and they want their teeth to last as long as they do.

Better Biocompatibility

All-porcelain crowns are much less abrasive than Porcelain crowns with metal frames. Therefore, they will not compromise the strength or function of your healthy teeth that are in contact with your crown or bridge during biting.

Easy Maintenance

All-ceramic crowns, unlike crowns with metal, can be x-rayed. This allows us to keep a close eye on any issues that may pop up over the years. Also, most of the margins of all-ceramic crowns are kept at or above the gum line which allows you for easy hygiene maintenance and easy checking at your routine hygiene appointments.