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Providing innovative and technologically advanced dental care

Professional Ceiling Light

Mandatory for High Quality Dental Care - Origin: France

Dental office lighting in good quantity quality and consistency is mandatory to enable the dental practitioner to deliver high quality dental care.

Even a simple teeth polishing method needs proper lighting so that each and every corner of the mouth is clearly visible. It is even more important for difficult procedure. We are proud to be one of the only clinic in Vietnam using professional dental ceiling light for each of our operator.

Our Albedo Light ensures an automatic adjustment of the light intensity depending on variations of the surrounding light. The sensor keeps the ideal room brightness throughout the day contributing to a relaxation of our patients, avoiding to tire the view of our dentists. They are specifically designed to be the most natural lighting source on the market to help our dentists to work in the best conditions and to choose the color of your prosthetic work to perfectly match your natural teeth.

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3D Dental Ct Scan

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