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Digital 3D Orthodontic Clear Aligner

Invisible and comfortable Orthodontic Treatment

Clear aligners are the future of orthodontic treatment. They incorporate a series of invisible (clear) plastic aligners that fit comfortably over your teeth and are designed to move your teeth gradually into the desired position. Clear aligners are a favorite choice for orthodontic treatment, primarily because the removable aligners (less than one millimeter thick) are designed to be more esthetically pleasing than conventional wire-and-bracket dental braces.

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Dental Magnification Glasses

Accurate and Precise Dental Work – Origin: USA

Hard & Soft Tissus Laser

Virtually Painless, More Natural Dentistry Origin: USA

3D Dental Ct Scan

State of the art imaging for precise diagnosis Origin: Italy

Professional Ceilinh Light

Mandatory for High Quality Dental Care – Origin: France

Plasma Curing Light

The warranty for Long term Filling – Origin: USA

Soft Tissus Laser

Faster healing after your gum treatment Origin: USA