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School Oral Health Program

How Early Dental Education Can Help Students Achieve Good Oral Health?

Good oral health is important to children’s and adolescents’ overall health and well-being. As you interact with students and parents, you can influence their lives in important ways by teaching them about oral health.

By helping children and adolescents achieve good oral health, you can make a big difference in their lives. Both now and in the future!

How Starlight Dental Clinic can help to incorporate School Oral Health Program into the school setting:

  • Offer Expert speakers for school-based training on children’s oral health issues and making dental activities fun for children.
  • Organize Dental Clinic visits, focusing on What is a dental clinic? What happens when visiting a dentist? How to perform good Oral Hygiene?
  • Secondary School professional orientation visit: visit of a dental clinic and lecture about the dentist job description.
  • Offer continuing education for school staff (Teachers…) to improve their knowledge and understanding of oral health disease, prevention, handling of a dental accident happening at school…
  • Offer Educational materials and Oral Health products targeting children for good oral health practices.
  • Dedicate information targeting parents about the benefits and how to achieve good oral health.
  • Dedicate information about the influence of nutrition and diet on oral health.
  • Participate at school-based events targeting good oral health practice and good nutrition habits for children.
  • Place educational materials, such as brochure and posters in the classes and in hallways
  • Set up a School-based Oral Health screening program.

Starlight Dental Clinic’s School Oral Health Program in cooperation with Kindergartens and Primary Schools in Ho Chi Minh City helps to improve the attitudes and behavior of children and families on a variety of oral health issues and good dietary choices.

Emphasizing self-responsibility, Starlight Dental Clinic helps children be responsible for their own oral health at an early age, building self-esteem and good oral health practices for a lifetime.

School-base training:

Children feel more confident with their friends. Meeting dentists encourage children to learn and ask about things they are always scared of.

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