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Starlight Patient Review – Mr. Patrick

Starlight patient
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Starlight Patient Review – Mr. Patrick

Choosing Starlight was a clear choice. We have been in Vietnam for 15 years until now and Starlight has always been well recommended. In terms of equipment, I mean Starlight is really ahead of the crowd. And that goes from the time you come in. Because already in terms of facilities, in terms of equipment, they use the top of the line the latest machines and they have the best providers. But above all of that, it’s really about the people that you meet at Starlight.

The dentists that you work with are extremely well trained. Most of them are foreign-trained. They do speak multiple languages (French, Vietnamese, English). And they are able to communicate and explain to you what is happening to your mouth and what are they going to do. And then when you look at the way the service is when it comes to the administrations of the appointment and the payments and everything. It is always done in such a way that it is easy, simple and so effective. It is a remarkable service.

To give you one simple example like, you know we come here often because our daughters are being treated. And we are reminded always a day before that we have this appointment just to make sure we don’t forget. And that is the one thing I feel very confident about when I go to Starlight. I know they are going to get the work done. And they’re going to get it done very very well.

And my 2 girls Sophia and Alizee 10 and 12 years old today. They have been receiving orthodontic treatment for the past 3 years. And I am delighted to share with you our experience at Starlight.

The first thing is that at Starlight, I have never felt taken advantage of. I always feel confident that they were working for the best interest of my children. The dentists here are expert professionals who have done this for over 20 years and who are using the best of the techniques as well as the best equipment and getting the right treatment at the right price with a great outcome for my children.

Also, Starlight did not recommend for us to use an expensive treatment. They tried first and foremost to find an effective and natural way to treat both girls. We tried to avoid invasive treatment so that we could resolve this matter effectively while keeping the cost very low. Unfortunately for one of our daughters, that was not enough. And we have to go further with the more invasive treatment. They gave us the 3 choices that we had with different systems, different pricing. And they didn’t push for the most expensive, they actually propose that we choose the middle path which was the best suited for us, the best suited for her. And something we could afford.

So Starlight for orthodontics is well known in Vietnam and in Ho Chi Minh city for being the best you can get. And I feel confident that if you come and have one session, you know, for you to evaluate the quality of service, you will be satisfied. And you will be persuaded that Starlight is the place you really want your children to be taking care of.

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