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Leisure time Viet Nam

Warmly welcome you to Vietnam, a country with great potential for tourism and a new destination with new experiences. Vietnam owns most of travel styles that foreigner tourists looking for: Discover UNESCO’s Heritages in Vietnam, enjoy amazing landscapes in Northern mountainous provinces with highest mountain peak of Fansipan, relax on the most beautiful beaches along the coastline of Vietnam, and learn about local culture, tradition and lifestyle in different regions in a long and narrow country.


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The majestic waterfall of Ban Ba

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The majestic waterfall of Ban Ba

Location And The History

The Ban Ba waterfall is located on the Phieng Khang mountainside in Trung Ha commune, Chiem Hoa district, 70 km from Tuyen Quang city.

From Chiem Hoa, there is a small road of about 25 km long leading to the waterfall deep in the jungle. Legend has it that in the old days, there was a young couple from a distant place came here to live and set up Lac Ban village in the neighboring province of Ha Giang. Days went by, and the village of Lac Ban became more crowded.

Lac Ban village maintained an annual event: a bamboo rafting competition at the nearby small waterfall to show the power and braveness of boys. That waterfall swept away many people. The families of these victims cried for many days for the dead and their tears mixed in water to form the large waterfall today. That annual event has no longer existed.

What makes Ban Ba waterfall special?

The Ban Ba waterfall has a length of about 3 km, created by three major layers of the waterfall. The first waterfall is called Tat Cum, the second called Tat Cao, and the third called Tat Gio. Between these layers are small waterfalls with a height of 5-7 m, small canyons and blue water ponds.

The surrounding ecosystem is the ancient woods of a few hundred years old, with many precious kinds of wood and tangled vines. Vegetation is rich, with a lot of bird species and colorful butterflies. From afar, Ban Ba waterfall falls down, creating picturesque scenery. At the foot of the waterfall, the fields are lush all year round. Tay, Nung people build their houses on the mountain slopes, hidden in the valley. Tourists visit this place to fully enjoy the pristine and romantic scenery.

The Ban Ba waterfall was recognized as National Monument in 2007 and is one of the destinations of nature lovers and those who love adventurous explorations.

Besides visiting the spectacular waterfall deep in the primeval forest, you can also visit the jungle with many precious plants. After a long trip, you should stop to taste a meal with bamboo shoots, sticky rice, chicken, fish sauce and the delicious specialties of Tuyen Quang.




Source: Vietnamnet