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“Reasonable price for dental with

“Reasonable price for dental with high quality” Treatment Received: Teeth Whitening “Teeth whitening Highly recommend for those who looking for reasonable price for dental with high quality, Dr Marc is so friendly and

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“Did my teeth whitening last

“Did my teeth whitening last week and the result was excellent” Treatment Received: Teeth Whitening “I would recommend and bring my kids here, I did my teeth whitening last week and the result

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“I strongly recommend the dental

“I strongly recommend the dental treatment at Starlight” Treatment Received: Teeth Cleaning, Dental Implant “I do cleaning here every 6 months, I dont know why i like this place so much, maybe because

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“The prices quoted were kept

“The prices quoted were kept and really very good” Treatment Received: Fillings,Veneers,Dental Implants,Complex Root Canal “My husband and I are totally thrilled with our dental work. He has a beautiful set of sparkling

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“My treatment was a great

“My treatment was a great work” Treatment Received: Zirconia Crown “My treatment was a great work. A very nice clinic- relaxing atmosphere, very friendly and caring staff and excellent dentist. Thank you a

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