“Reasonable price for dental with

“Reasonable price for dental with high quality” Treatment Received: Teeth Whitening “Teeth whitening Highly recommend for those who looking for reasonable price for dental with high quality, Dr Marc is so friendly and funny, he also really skillful with the job, I feel like we are friends. I’ll come back this place”

“Did my teeth whitening last

“Did my teeth whitening last week and the result was excellent” Treatment Received: Teeth Whitening “I would recommend and bring my kids here, I did my teeth whitening last week and the result was excellent, I am no longer afraid of going to dentist any more. I think that my kids would also like this […]

“I strongly recommend the dental

“I strongly recommend the dental treatment at Starlight” Treatment Received: Teeth Cleaning, Dental Implant “I do cleaning here every 6 months, I dont know why i like this place so much, maybe because their staffs are so nice and funny. I did my implant here when came in the first time 5 years ago, feel […]

“Beautiful experience in dental care”Treatment

“Beautiful experience in dental care” Treatment Received: Teeth Cleaning “Starlight Dental Clinic was amazing, the staff are so friendly and attentive and the dentist was just wonderful, the clinic atmosphere was very warm and welcoming and the prices were also very reasonable. We would recommend going to this clinic for a beautiful experience in dental […]

“The prices quoted were kept

“The prices quoted were kept and really very good” Treatment Received: Fillings,Veneers,Dental Implants,Complex Root Canal “My husband and I are totally thrilled with our dental work. He has a beautiful set of sparkling veneers. I have an excellent molar root canal and two great implants. The prices quoted were kept and really very good when […]

“Very happy”Treatment Received:Molar Root Canal”Amazing

“Very happy” Treatment Received: Molar Root Canal “Amazing service, cleanliness and treatment. Needed an endodontic specialist after a dentist in Australia could not complete a root canal (bloody small canals that are tricky to find). Was quoted $2500 Aus from various endodontic specialists.. Am holidaying in Vietnam for a few months so tried Starlight and […]

Very goodTreatment Received:Mouth GuardI showed

Very good Treatment Received: Mouth Guard I showed up for a usual check up and cleaning and was very suprised by the doctors question if I sleep well. She saw abrasions on my teeth and told me, that I grind at night. She took an impression and made a bite guard for me that I […]

“My treatment was a great

“My treatment was a great work” Treatment Received: Zirconia Crown “My treatment was a great work. A very nice clinic- relaxing atmosphere, very friendly and caring staff and excellent dentist. Thank you a lot for my beautiful new smile!”

“The dentist was fantastic”Treatment Received:-

“The dentist was fantastic” Treatment Received: Fillings,Teeth Cleaning “Very happy with clinic and treatment. I had broken a tooth and was able to get an immediate appointment. Later that day they were able to fix the tooth. The dentist was fantastic and I am very happy with the results. I returned a few days later […]