Top Range Hotel Under 50$ In Ho Chi Minh


This list of the best hotels in Ho Chi Minh for less than US$50 has been voted for by thousands of guests. Therefore, you can rest assured that all of the hotels deliver what they claim. Guestrooms might not come with a personal butler. But customer service is friendly and efficient, while guestrooms are clean […]

Top Range Hotel Under 70$ In District 1 In Ho Chi Minh


Sky Gem Central Hotel Sky Gem Central hotel is sited on Dong Du Street, near Dong Khoi Area – the heart of the city’s commercial life. It is still the best place to admire the grand old colonial buildings although they too are being overshadowed by the nearby high-rise office towers. International brands, boutiques, stylish […]

Top Hotels In District 1 Ho Chi Minh City


In an increasingly accessible and modernized metropolis, Ho Chi Minh City’s historic hotels like the Caravelle and the Continental, featured in films such as Indochine and The Quiet American, have sacrificed some of their colonial charm in order to attract a contemporary clientele. Nevertheless, from evocative façades to French-style rooms and legendary wartime bars, these ten hotels still hold plenty of historic, cinematic and literary Saigon magic.

World Oral Health Day and How Smiling Can Change Your Life


To mark World Oral Health Day 2016 on Sunday 20 March, Starlight Dental Clinic wants to make sure everybody understands the enormous power that lies behind a smile. So to help everyone understand the power of a smile we have put together some of our favorite facts about smiles: Charles Darwin was one of the […]

Taking Care of Your Teeth with Sugar Free Gum


Looking after our oral health on the go can sometimes be difficult. Enjoying in that caramel latte on the way to work, rushing lunch before a meeting or a chocolatey mid-afternoon snack to get you through to dinner time can have an impact on our teeth. Yes, we all may brush our teeth for two […]

7 Tips to Recover from Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom teeth are the teeth that emerge in the very back of the mouth. They usually appear between the ages of 18 and 26. Some have all four wisdom teeth, others have less. Sometimes they stay in the bone and don’t emerge. Some people are born without wisdom teeth. A wisdom tooth can cause trouble by growing […]

Getting used to a better Oral Hygiene Routine


So you’re once again staring at your bathroom mirror, half-asleep, getting ready to brush your teeth. You’re trying to remember what steps to take to make sure your teeth are clean and healthy for the day. You know that your teeth can have a big effect on your appearance and your confidence so get off […]

The Benefits of Dental Health Check Ups


The fact that the majority of patients don’t visit the dentist on a regular basis. And this is the main issue that dentists all over the world are facing. Half of the adults haven’t visited the dentist since 2 years ago. More than 25% of adults only pay the dentist a visit when they are […]

Kid’s Oral Health from the very beginning


Did you know that to do orthodontic for children is easier & effective than when they are growing up? For better oral health, the parent should know these tips: 1. Fix your children’s bad habits as soon as possible  Thumb Sucking When the child is born, thumb sucking is a normal method for pacification. It is perfectly […]

5 Dental Symptoms that you should not ignore

If you’re experiencing any of the 5 dental symptoms listed below, you should pay your dentist a visit. 1. A Sore or Spot That Won’t Heal Tender areas, sores, and ulcers in your mouth can let you know about some of your current dental health conditions. Some if not most of them can affect more than […]