Cosmetic filling


A filling is something that most people will have undergone at some point in their lives. They are a form of treatment for tooth decay or to restore a damaged tooth. The most popular type of filling is the silver amalgam filling. There is the standard filling and then there are cosmetic fillings which are […]

Tooth Extraction


We always aim to save the tooth and prevent it from future infection. However, in certain cases where a tooth may be too damaged or too loose to be saved, extraction may be required. Reasons for a tooth extraction Decay has reached deep into the tooth The infection has destroyed a large portion of the […]

Wisdom Tooth Extraction


Most people between the ages of 17 and 24 begin to grow wisdom teeth. However, in some people, the wisdom teeth don’t push through the gums, which could cause pain, swelling, or gum ulcers. An impacted wisdom tooth can also push on nearby teeth or damage your jawbone. If your wisdom teeth aren’t coming out […]

Frequently asked questions about dental implants


What are dental implants? Starlight Dental implants are basically sophisticated screws made of a medically pure metal, Titanium. The dentist will place these screws in the jaw bone. And they rest under the gum for 3 – 6 months. During this time they actually fuse to the jawbone and become osseo(bone)integrated. After the appropriate healing time, […]

Home care for implants


Care for your dental implants just as well as you would care for your natural teeth. Thorough oral hygiene is necessary to prevent diseases around the implants. There are various types of implants that may need different home care. Starlight will help you choose the products to suit your particular needs. 1) The implant Brush […]

Bone graft and sinus lift


What is Bone Grafting? Occasionally, bone grafting is needed to replace the missing bone with a material called a bone graft. Often this relates to a situation where there is not enough bone for a dental implant to be placed. Bone grafting restores bone width and volume for the adequate placement of a dental implant. […]

Implant placement procedure


At Starlight Dental Clinic, we have a dedicated surgery room for patients with any invasive surgical procedure ( Implant, Bone Graft…). Unlike a traditional dental practice, where each room is used for all procedures, our clinic combines dedicated surgical which help optimize the patient experience. Having a dedicated operatory for surgeries increases safety for the […]