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Hello, my name is Charlotte, I’m coming from France. I’m here in Vietnam for almost 3 years and since I’m here I’ve been visited Starlight Dental Clinic. And I’ve seen Dr Philippe.

I’m very happy with the prestation that we have here, the welcome, the clinic is actually.. I think the atmosphere is very warm, they are very friendly, family oriented. Everybody knows me now so when I come here, they just ask me some question about my family, my kids not only my oral teeth and oral issues.

I can definitely recommend Starlight Dental Clinic because the staffs and the dentists are very good, very professional and I really trust them. I’ve never got any fear to come here because you know, most of people when they go to the dentist, they are afraid, they don’t want, they will have pain… I really feel confident to come here because I know the doctor will not hurt me, he will treat my teeth in a gentle way and even the pleasure to come actually.

I can refer Starlight Dental Clinic to all my friend, to everybody and I also came here with my daughter, she’s only 4 years old. And the first time she came it was just like an introduction, she talked with the dentist – Dr Thao, he’s very good for kids, very friendly and he just talked to her, made some jokes, gave her balloons and the atmosphere, the feeling was very good. And then we came again and now my daughter, she really not afraid to go to the dentist and to see him and she even happy to go there.

So, I really like this place, very nice clinic and I would recommend this to everybody.

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