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When you travel overseas for dental care (also known as dental tourism) you would want everything to go smoothly. Starlight Dental Clinic has around 80% of international patients from numerous countries across the world, including France, Australia, UK, USA, Europe and many more. Many of them are international patients who are living in Vietnam. Every week, we also coordinate high quality dental care for our patients coming from overseas, therefore we are able to understand and anticipate your needs. 

We can help with your entire dental holiday package, including some of the best dental care and services available not only in Asia, but throughout the globe.

Our staff will be there to assist you during the different steps of your dental treatment:

Step 1 - Contact us and Complete the Information Form

Please send us your inquiries with a copy of a recent panoramic radiography (OPT) by email ( or by filling in the contact form. Describe us which are your problems in as much detail possible and your expected outcome. If you can also provide us with some photos of your teeth it would help us give you a more precise treatment plan and quotation.
Within 48 hours you will receive a response, to the email address provided, which will contain the detailed treatment plan proposed by our dentists. This estimated treatment plan will be done after a careful analysis of your information and will also include an approximate cost and time frame. For some treatments, especially implants, you will need more than one trip to Vietnam.
After the face-to-face consultation in our clinic (step 5) which will give us the exact situation of your oral health. Some changes may intervene in your treatment plan, these changes may lower or increase the initial estimated cost of the treatment.
Step 1 - Contact us and Complete the Information Form

Step 2 - Confirm the treatment plan

Study the treatment estimation proposed, and if you have any doubts or concerns, please contact us via email to address any request or question you may have. The administrative team will handle all of your requirements and will promptly respond to any question you may have. We can communicate with you through email or directly by skype.

Once you feel comfortable to follow our treatment plan, please send us an email to let us know that you are ready to start the treatment and the dates in which you will arrive to Vietnam. 
Step 2 - Confirm the treatment plan

Step 3 - Organizing the final details

Together we will plan the period in which your dental treatment will be performed. You can book a hotel reservation by yourself. We can also assist you in finding, booking and managing a hotel best for you. Provide us with the average budget you would like and we will give you two or three proposals within your reach. Let us know your prefered hotel and we will make the reservation for the accommodation in accordance to your needs and requirements. We will  put you in direct contact with the accommodation in order for you to guaranty your reservation  directly with them.
Once the accommodation details are set, all you have to do is to let us know the date and time of your flight to Ho Chi Minh City.
Step 3 - Organizing the final details

Step 4 - The arrival in Ho Chi Minh City

On arrival, our staff will personally greet you at the arrivals terminal of  Tan Son Nhat International Airport.
Together you will go to the hotel with our car. During this trip you will be informed about your treatment program and you will receive the final details. You will receive a mobile phone through which you can always keep in touch 24 hours from 24 directly to our medical staff, for any problem or need that might appear.
Step 4 - The arrival in Ho Chi Minh City

Step 5 - The first consultation

Based on this consultation it will be decided if any modifications will be made in the initial treatment plan. Direct consultation is the one that determines 100 % the exact situation of your oral health, and after it is performed you will be informed if there are changes in your treatment plan. Generally these changes do not exceed 10% to 15%, more or less, of the initial estimated cost.
Step 5 - The first consultation

Step 6 - The treatment

After the main consultation, the exact steps and treatment sessions are established. Patient comfort is our first concern, therefore the treatment sessions will be always carried out taking into consideration this aspect, and you will always have the opportunity to take a break when you feel the need.
The treatment payment will be made at the end of each session and not before and you will always receive a receipt. You can pay with cash or credit card.
Step 6 - The treatment

Step 7 - The returning home

At the end, in the last appointment you will receive all necessary information regarding the maintaining an excellent oral health depending on the particular treatment performed. Annually control can be made in your country, but if you decide to come back Vietnam for holidays, we will be happy handle all the details and the control (check) is of course free.

Like at your arrival in Ho Chi Minh City, at your departure, we will personally lead you at the airport.
Step 7 - The returning home

Why choosing Starlight

Starlight provides an integrated system including dental clinic, 3D radiology center and dental laboratory what help us to make you stay as short and comfortable as possible. We are using all latest technology, equipment and products coming from the best dental suppliers from Europe and USA and we import them directly in Vietnam. In this way, our patients can benefit with our qualify team of dentists of all type of modern treatments available today. Thanks to our in house laboratory, our team of dental ceramists which can easily come and see your case and choose the right color, while you are seating comfortable in our dental chair.
From your arrival at the airport and transportation to your hotel, to your departure, our staff will provide you personal service. In addition, once you arrived at the airport, you will receive a mobile phone through which you can always keep in touch 24 hours from 24 directly to our medical staff, for any problem or need that might appear. Also the clinic staff has English, French, Japanese skills.
In Vietnam since 1996, Starlight is a dental clinic which is known internationally, by local expat living in Vietnam and by hundreds of foreigners visiting Vietnam every year for a dental treatment.Our dental clinic has a warm environment, latest technology, doctors and specialists in many fields with more than 20 years experience who have made a large amount of complex dental treatments each year.
Complete STEP 1 to receive our treatment plan and estimated cost
For a professional estimate please use the dedicated form from below. It is very important to provide us as many details as you can so we can be able to make a more accurate treatment estimation for you.
And do not forget that is essentially to send us a copy of a panoramic radiography and if it is possible some pictures of your teeth.

For any questions or further information please do not hesitate to contact us. You can contact us by phone, by email or by Viber, Whatsapp or Skype applications.