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Starlight and Koto


About Koto
Koto transforms the lives of disadvantaged and at-risk youth in Vietnam through its holistic hospitability training program.

“KOTO stands for “Know one, teach one.” Learning should be passed on; knowledge is meant to be shared.”

As a social enterprise, KOTO has trained over 600 students in two training centers in Hanoi and Saigon, with 200 concurrently enrolled. Many graduates of KOTO continue their career development by working at KOTO Training Restaurants and other businesses of KOTO Enterprise, supporting new trainees according to the motto—Know one, teach one.—and so the learning circle endures.
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Starlight and Koto
Starlight Dental Clinic is proud to collaborate and help the Koto kids to give them a better smile before they start working. We are very happy to offer to the Koto teenagers a complete check-up and free treatment (cleaning, fillings, wisdom teeth extraction, root canal, etc…) for the kids living in HCMC. It is important that they improve their oral health before they start to work in hotels, restaurants, etc. In 2015: 45 kids came for treatment and 40 in 2016. We are happy to follow them as long as they need.

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