The Benefits of Dental Health Check Ups

One of the major issues that dentists all over the world are facing is the fact that the majority of patients don't visit the dentist on a regular basis. Half of the adults haven't visited the dentist since 2 years ago. More than a 25% adults only pay the dentist a visit when they are having problems.

The importance of regular dental checkups as well as cleaning your teeth cannot be stressed enough. Most people might lead a busy life these days, but however it’s still very important to take care of your teeth!  Take good care of your teeth, and the chances of getting dentures or have other expensive procedures performed decreases substantially.

Having your teeth cleaned regularly offers many benefits not only to your appearance, but your health as well. 

Dental Check Up

How Often Should You Visit the Dentist

Both kids and adults should visit the dentist frequently, as often as recommended. For people who have specific medical issues, your dentist may need to see you more regularly.

On another note, remembering that certain types of medication may impact our oral health is also very important, for example, patients may be more likely to get tooth decay and will need to visit their dentist more often if they have ‘dry mouth' caused by medication.

The Importance of Dental Check Ups

Our issue is that many of us don't really pay much attention to our mouth's health, especially compared to our overall body health. We only visit the dentist once the problem has surfaced.

There is quite a large number of issues this creates but the two most well-known issues left unchecked are:

Not Treating your Gums's Wound

Not having proper treatment for your gum when it's bleeding results in inflamed gums as well as cavities - pockets develop under the gum-line filled with bacteria that eat away the teeth and eventually the bone causing tooth loss. Going to the dentist frequently will make sure that your gum health is properly maintained and early treatment prevents serious problems from happening.

Teeth Pain

The reason of teeth pain is most often cavities forming. Once a cavity reaches the stage where it is causing pain then root canal treatment is more likely, or an extensive filling. Regular check-ups ensure that the beginnings of a filling can be identified, treated and additional brushing routines created.
Overall dental check-ups will dramatically decrease the potential for all oral health problems becoming serious. They are also cost effective compared to paying for expensive major dental works such as tooth replacements, crowns and gum repair.

Professional cleaning

Going for professional cleaning by a dentist is one of the most effective ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy. The dentist or hygienist utilises specialised handheld tools like scalers and polishers to remove dental plaque, a colourless film of bacteria that causes cavities. A good prophylactic clean helps to get rid of hard-to-remove plaque – before it hardens into calculus – and greatly reduces the likelihood of cavities. While the scaler effectively extracts both hard and soft deposits of plaque that forms on the surface and between the crevices of your teeth, the polisher removes the smaller plaque particles and gives the teeth a good buff.

Visiting the dentist should be a regular part of your schedule, just like a proper oral health routine. The benefits of check-ups far outweigh any minor inconveniences booking an appointment might cause!
It's time to prioritise our oral health. If you haven't seen your dentist in a while use this article as a reminder and motivation to book an appointment with yours today.


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