Getting used to a better Oral Hygiene Routine

So you’re once again staring at your bathroom mirror, half-asleep, getting ready to brush your teeth. You’re trying to remember what steps to take to make sure your teeth are clean and healthy for the day. You know that your teeth can have a big effect on your appearance and your confidenceso get off to the right start with a healthy oral hygiene routine.

Brushing Routine

Having a good oral hygiene routine will save you lots of trouble in the future

When it comes to our oral health routine if you're forgetting to brush your teeth, brushing at irregular times, not brushing your teeth for more than 2 minutes, drinking too many sugary drinks or just never managing to floss one of the major causes is your brain. We know we should do these things but our brain has other ideas.

So now let's look at some hacks to retrain your brain - so that your routine is as perfect as possible. Below are some tips on what your oral hygiene routine should look like, so your teeth can remain healthy and beautiful.

Creating a new loop
According to neuroscientific research habits are composed of three parts - the cue, the routine, the reward. The cue prompts you to do something, the routine is what you do and the reward is why you do it.

For example, skipping your evening teeth routine. The cue would be you want to sleep, the routine is you put on your pyjamas, the reward is more time in bed and quicker sleep.

The most effective way to change a routine is to keep the reward but change the precursors.

So in this case we want to maximise our sleep (the reward) and increase the time we have for teeth cleaning and flossing.

How can we achieve this?
In this example there are a huge number of ways you could create this new pattern. What will work for you will largely be determined by your evening routine. You could try moving dinner forward 10 minutes, making sure you organise your clothes for the morning as soon as you get back from work or you could limit your evening TV time.

The key here is to find a way to change that allows you to incorporate the new routine easily into your lifestyle. The new cue will be wanting to sleep, the routine will be brushing your teeth and the reward will be sleep.

Because we have increased the time available in our evening it will be easier to incorporate our new routine without shortcutting. We might also find that we could clean our teeth at a different time to create an entirely new routine.


Additional Oral Hygiene Tips:

  • Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings
  • Examine your mouth during your oral hygiene routine to make sure there are no abnormalities
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet

How do you know if you have good oral health?

  • Your gums are pink and do not get sore or bleed when you brush or floss your teeth
  • Your teeth feel clean and not “fuzzy”
  • You don’t constantly have bad breath

One key factor to having a good oral hygiene routine is understanding what your oral needs are. During your next check-up or cleaning appointment, ask your dentist if there is anything you should pay extra attention to during your oral hygiene routine. If you have any questions about your oral hygiene routine, visit Starlight Dental Clinic today!

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